Boundary training has got to be one of the most important things you can EVER teach a dog. Of course the most important boundaries are the ones that have danger across them. Say like your front door or a side gate that leads onto the street. I know that I love the fact that my dogs do not bolt out of our open door. And because they know about "boundaries" they are very easy to pick up on new ones.

We recently moved and I really was not sure how hard it was going to be to teach them all the new boundaries. Especially when there are three dogs they tend to feed off of one another and not listen so much. So we try each on their own first. Am I proud, they all stayed inside when we walked out the front door. Even when they had never been to this new home before.

A boundary can be anywhere, a separate room, a threshold leading from one to another or simply somewhere you do not want your dog to be. I'm going to explain the steps to teach a boundary in the following blog and will try to explain this as simple as possible, I'm working on a book which will cover it more in depth.

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