Pet stores and puppy mills

One of the reasons I like blogging so much is the fact that I can speak my mind on certain subjects and hopefully people will read it. Not that my opinion is always correct but it may give people a chance to think about issues that they may not have thought about before.

We all know or I should say, we should all know better than to buy a puppy from a pet store. You know it really amazes me the amount of people you see in a pet store that sells puppies. The sheer fact that I still meet people who say
"I didn't know," and now that they do know they would never. With the amazing amount of information available on the internet how is it possible that some people don't know about puppy mills. I think many turn a blind eye.

But it is high time that everyone knows and everyone does something about it. I for one will not even enter a store that sells puppies. I used to go in and speak loudly about how ill a puppy looked or bring up mills so that everyone in the store heard me. This did nothing but give me heartache seeing the innocent little puppies in the cages.

We need to start spreading the word and loudly, DON'T GO IN THE STORE, end of story. If you don't go in you cannot be tempted and believe me I know people who could not resist the temptation even though they knew better. They tell me about how they felt once they locked eyes and I feel like screaming. This is what pet stores rely on, the impulse buy, the ahhhhh factor.

You need to sit down and think about the ones who are left behind, the breeder dogs as they are called. People who run puppy mills have absolutely no concern for their puppies health or happiness. Anyone who brings a puppy to a store to be sold is a miller in my mind. I don't care if they only have a small business or they are one of the huge setups that pump out hundreds of puppies, they are all the same.

This is a message we all need to spread, stop the buying and they will be foced to shut down. Going in and thinking that you are going to save a puppy only puts money into these awful people's pockets. If a mill shuts down or is forced to shut down, then we can rescue the dogs from the nightmare life they have been forced to live. But until then, take a stand and stay out of the stores who sell puppies. Give your money to the stores who have taken a stand not to sell puppies.

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