Good morning-poodle adoring day

Good morning, again its overcast this morning with a very heavy marine layer. Yesterday I was up and at it early trying to beat the heat for an action shoot. The day before had been nice and breezy so I thought if I shot early it would be nice, nope. It was actually really hot and by the time I was leaving the breeze came up and it was cooling off, go figure. It is suppose to cool down today and then by the weekend heat up again, oh well I'll enjoy the cooler morning today at least.

I have a full schedule this week, lots of shoots and lots of great dogs to meet. I just love meeting all these new dogs, it is so interesting meeting breeds that I've only seen before and not worked with or got to know personally. Its funny how you can have an idea in your head that is so wrong about certain breeds. My own breed is probably the most misunderstood breed that there is. For that fact alone I will not groom my dogs to "look like" a poodle. No one knows what my dogs are and the sheer popularity of doodles these days makes everyone think that they must be doodles.

Even people who should know what they are like dog professionals or other poodle people are thrown by the look of my dogs. I've been told that if I didn't want my poodles to look like poodles then why on earth would I want a poodle? Why would I want a poodle? Are you kidding? The poodlely look has nothing to do with my love of the poodle., nor anyone in my family. In fact when I do shave Tilley's face alone (because her face is too pretty to get all hairy) I am reprimanded by my son.

I have had standard poodles for almost 25 years now and absolutely adore them. Don't get me wrong I love just about every dog out there and do have a difficult time when thinking about adding a new dog to the pack. But it always comes back to a poodle. I've looked seriously at several different breeds like Irish Wolfhounds, Ibizans, Borzois, Pointers and of course Dobermans but I always come back to poodles.

The standard poodle is one of the most utility breeds out there. Very few people know that standard poodles are amazing guard dogs, they are very friendly but will defend their family when the need arises. Of course that is not to say all of them are good guard dogs just like any breed they are all different. Almost all of my poodles have loved water, my two now adore it and Tilley actually submerges her head completely to pull rocks out of the water, great for the teeth. She does dock diving and is an amazingly strong swimmer.

My poodles have done skijorning when I lived back in Canada, what a blast. Poodles do hunt trials and tests, frisbee, search and rescue, therapy work and make wonderful service and seeing eye dogs. There is alot to know about a poodle, far more than their fancy coat. I have grown accustom to the common reaction to having poodles and I don't care I just smile knowing that these people just don't know.

My poodles love to retrieve, in fact it is one of their favorite things to do. Did you know that the poodle was the FIRST water retriever? Even before the Labrador the poodle was out there fetching in the water.

Well I have a busy day ahead of me so I won't go on, believe me I could write a book!!! hmmmmmmmm.

Have a great Wednesday.

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  1. Sherri,

    Wonderful post. i find that I spend a LOT of time explaining the same things to people who meet my Poodles. Mine do have a bottle-brush tail and hair on their topknots, but otherwise they are shorn down in a complete Utility cut every 5 weeks. It is amazing to see people wonder what breed they might be!


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