A good night sleep

Isn't it amazing what a good nights sleep can do for you? I had one lastnight and this morning I really didn't want it to end as I curled up and pulled the covers over my head. "I don't want to wake up," is the first thing I think of when I've had a really good sleep. But as it is every morning, I have to get up and get going with my busy day ahead. The reason I am so aware of my good sleep lastnight is that my girls didn't wake me to go outside. My two females have had upset stomachs and I don't know why.

With my plans of going away in a few days this is not what I want to be dealing with. The idea of a pet sitter having to handle this is not a good one. It started last Wed. night with Jessie up in the middle of the night and by Thursday she was fine. Thursday morning Tilley started with some issues of her own but by the afternoon was good also. Whenever my dogs have an upset I start thinking immediately, what's up? Right away I thought the culprit was the disgusting maggot filled rat that I found in my backyard on Tuesday. I don't know how it got there, one minute it wasn't there and the next it was out in the middle of my yard. Had it been dead in the bushes for days until one of the dogs decided to pull it out?

Obviously the dogs had found it as it was in several different locations, nice. So I did my best to clean it up while trying not to have a complete meltdown, this was truly disgusting. So after cleaning it up I hosed the area really hard trying to get any remnants washed away. Then into the house to disinfect myself and try to erase the images that were left on my brain and onto the next chore for the day. Was this the reason my dogs had gotten sick?

Over the weekend I kept a close eye on what was going in and coming out of my dogs. I cooked up some ground beef, rinsed away all the fat and added some really nice white Basmatic rice. We had a great weekend, everyone seemed back to normal until Sunday night at 2:00. I was up several times with Jessie and again Tilley had an upset stomach in the morning. So no fooling around I collected samples and was off to the vet. I spent the day working up photos and preparing for my trip in a couple of days as I anxiously awaited the results from the vet.

The call came in and the dogs have no disgusting creatures hiding inside of them which is great news, but now I have to fiugre out what is going on. Immediately I thought of their food which with all the recalls had crossed my mind. So far I've been very happy with the food and it has not been one on the list. But I had opened a new bag of food recently alont with a new bag of treats before this started happening. So the treats went in the garbage and the bag of food back to the store. The people at the pet store were great, very concerned and more than happy to replace the bag in question with a new one.

So back to my great sleep lastnight, it was a good one for all the dogs and myself. But today is another day, we'll see what happens.

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