I wish I had an image of Jake that I could put on this blog. The photo here is just one I found of a gorgeous red dobie with a magnificent head. Jake was a beautiful red male doberman and the dog that started it all for me. I'm sure I was destined to lead a dog life but he was the one who sealed the deal.

I met Jake when I was 13 years old and wanted desperately to be involved with dogs some how, some way. I am pretty much from a non dog family (we had one toy poodle when i was growing up) so my dream to be involved with dogs was a big one. It was a chance meeting that I met Jake and minute I met him I fell in love.

Jake lived with a couple who were very into showing in the conformation ring and Jake was their newest addition. I believe he was around a year old when I met him and just starting his career in the ring. I'd never even been to a dog show before meeting Jake and my first was to be the first of many to come.

I dove in with my eyes closed, I was talked into entering the Junior handling competition with Jake and I'd never even seen a dog show before, good idea. Jake didn't really know what he was doing and I sure as heck hadn't a clue. Jake was a timid dog with some real fears, he had started his life on shaky ground and had alot to catch up for. I was suppose to calm him when in all honesty it was me who needed the calming. But this actually worked out for the best because I felt so bad for Jake that I just focused on trying to make him comfortable in the ring.

I didn't win of course but I sure learned alot and that was just the beginning. I went on to handle in Junior Showmanship winning everything I possibly could. I was also handling in the breed ring and doing great with whatever dog I had on the end of the leash and I loved it.

Over those few years I spent alot of time with Jake, I just loved him. He was a handful when it was playtime, he played rough. I clearly remember one day that I didn't move fast enough from behind a stick I held high and Jake tore a huge hole in my shirt. Jake had never learned to play as a puppy so all he knew was rough and believe me it was rough.

I adored Jake, he was the most handsome doberman then and still to this day I have yet to meet his match. He had a head on him like a brick and his body was so well muscled that he truly looked like a scupture. Jake was not my dog but the first dog that I had a true connection with (other than my little toy poodle at home of course.) Jake will always be in my memories as the one who started it all.