San Diego Dog Beach

I spent quite a while yesterday at the dog beach, dogless. I was there with my camera and it is a whole lot different being there as a spectator only. Most of the people are more than happy to have their dogs photos taken, they really beam when I choose them out of a crowd. I rarely shoot a dog without asking first but sometimes the situation arises where the dog is displaying some cool behavior before I have had the chance to ask. Then comes the fun of trying to locate this dogs person, not always easy but I always seem to be successful.

Not all guardians are as careful about watching their dogs every move at the beach. Some get to the beach, find a great spot and park it. They know there dog is at the beach but don't know where. I guess being a Mom really factors in when I'm at the beach, I figure it is just like kids you don't take your eyes off of them. After all you are solely responsible for your dog and their actions. Others do not want to be in charge of your dog, they have their own dog or dogs to watch over.

This was very obvious from several incidents that I witnessed. One was a very nice looking German Shepherd who was obviously trying very hard to dominate a pug. The pug was not being hurt but seriously harrassed. This went on from the minute I arrived and was still going on as I left the beach. I felt badly for this poor put who had a constant shadow creating dominator standing over him. I don't know who the Shepherd belonged to but they definitely were not doing their job. What an annoying behavior that is easily remedied by a guardians intervention.

Another was a mix breed who had found a very timid and insecure pocket maltese to intimidate. Out in the chest deep water which was about an inch deep in actuality due to the extremely tiny size of this dog. She was being contantly charged, obviously this mix breed had found a game in his undersized apponent and was enjoying every minute. The undersized maltese was screaming her head off, no doubt feeling very terrorized and calling for backup. Although I do feel that no matter what size your dog is they need to learn to deal with other dogs, of course there is a size factor. You do need to be a little more protective over a 3 lb dog versus a 70lb dog.

There is a point where you do need to save your dog but more so the attacker should have been the one stopped. Finally the tiny white figure whot was stuck in the waves which were now washing over her micro body was saved by Dad. But the attacker continued to jump after the now very relieved little white dog. Usually when an incident happens at the beach it is due to the lack of attention paid by guardians. You've got to watch your dogs and make sure they are playing nice.

All in all a great day at the beach, what fun to watch so many dogs having so much fun.

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