Sunday morning

This morning was quite different than the norm for me. Typically Sunday mornings I enjoy my coffee in bed while my husband takes the dogs on their much anticipated canyon run. Well, this morning my husband is in Alaska so that left me to do the running. It has to be early because I'm not going down in the canyon in the midday heat, no way.

It was interesting to watch the dogs as I got ready, what was going to be the "cue" that Mom was going for a walk this morning? I came out of the shower and nothing, no reaction at all. They were all very comfortable on my bed relaxing. So I got dressed and nothing, but then I grabbed my running shoes and they were off and running. It was the shoes.

So after about 20 min. of searching for my cell phone, everyone was harnessed up and ready to go. After a quick trip out to my xterra alone so that I could prep for the muddy feet that would be returning, we were on our way. Once in the canyon my dogs are set free, or at least the poodles are set free.

Jessie remains on her extension leash because I worry about her darting into the bushes only to be grabbed by a hungry coyote. So the poodles were off, they have a ritual run to the bottom and back as soon as they are off their leashes which works for me, it is a great way to get rid of some excess energy quickly.

Usually we don't run into anyone down there but this morning we met two walker/joggers. Luke was way out in front, he loves to feel like he is leading the pack so every once in a while I switch directions on him just to keep him on his toes. Jessie is more than happy to keep at my speed, she is more interested in smelling than running now at 11 years old.

It heats up quickly down in the canyon and after about 1/2 hour we turned around and headed back to the car. Now cooling off in the backyard the dogs will have breakfast in about another 1/2 hour and they are good for a day of R&R.

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