Dogs and water

As far as I'm concerned dogs and water go hand in hand. But that all depends on what breed and individual dog you are discussing. Not all dogs are built alike in body or mind. Many dogs are suppose to love water and much to the dismay of their guardians, hate it.

Others are not suppose to like it but do and some just should not be near water other than in a bowl. My breed of choice is the standard poodle, both of my poodles love water, infact Tilley is crazy for it. She will completely submerge her head to retrieve a rock from the bottom or a lake or stream. She is not such a fan of the ocean, neither her or Luke are keen on being beat up by the huge waves.

My Jack Russell on the other hand is not a fan of swimming but loves to hunt in the shallows of any water in hopes of finding some type of critter. She can swim but I found out very early that because of her short stocky body she finds it difficult to right herself if she falls into the water, not good.

I am a water person myself and could sit and just look at a lake, stream or ocean all day. I love taking my dogs to have fun in the water and love watching other dogs enjoying it. But there are also huge dangers in water for many dogs. Pools can be deadly even to the best of swimmers.

I have many clients with short stocky type dogs that should never be allowed unattended near a pool. I know far too many people who have had a dog drown in their backyard pool. If you have a pool the first and most important factor is to get your dog in the pool and teach them how to get out. That is if you have a dog that is going to be able to swim.

Dogs like dachshunds, bulldogs, or Jack Russells have a very time swimming. Many cannot swim at all and sink like a stone, for these types of dogs it is of the utmost importance to keep them away from the pool entirely. It only takes a minute for a dog to sink and believe me just like people they don't always make a ton of noise when they are sinking.

I'll never forget being at a lake many years ago and just like most people assumed that when someone is drowning that there is alot of noise to alert you. Watching a family at a sandbar enjoying the water with their family a small boy was hoping in the water. His parents were not too far away but as I watched him hop he instantly disappeared. He had hopped too far and went down a drop off, luckily his father was watching and dove down and retrieved his son immediately. I was shocked, he just disappeared, I never forgot that.

Even dogs that can swim can die in a pool, even dogs that know how to get out can die. If a dog falls into a pool it can be difficult to right themselves, they may suck in some water while trying to correct their body. This can be the start of the end while they struggle and grow tired they become confused and desperately seek the safety of the side. They can only hold on for so long.

Just like with your children, never leave your dog unattended near a pool. Even if they never go in the pool or they know how to get out. Accidents happen and sometimes accidents are avoidable.

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