Extended family dogs

Thank heavens for family dogs. I'm away from home and missing my dogs badly, sort of like withdrawal but the pains have been eased by a little interaction with family dogs. My sister has an amazing Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever which I must have taken at least 300 shots of and my twin brother has a border collie and new little sheltie who is cute as a button.

As I have stated before my life revolves around dogs and not having mine around is just plain weird. During my stay at the cottage I spent alot of time with Ruby, my sisters Toller and once she left my brother was there with his two. So although I don't have my dogs I've had some dogs. And because my brother has two I was able to watch some very cool behavior between the two.

I spent the week in the most beautiful cottage country that calls out for dog attendance. There is so much room to roam, a beautiful lake to swim in and boats to ride in all day long. I will be posting some gorgeous shots I took while away in later posts but right now I'm packing up and heading back to socal to see my dogs and preparing for the attach I'll get with one step in the door.

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