A great dog

As I waited at the gate I wondered what type of Shepherd I was going to meet. It seemed of late that I had run across alot of not so friendly ones. This girl needed some training which could have meant many different things. I got the buzz in and walked up the steps to the front door. There I could hear the recognizable bark of a shepherd.

Once in the house I was met by a pair of piercing eyes on a beautiful sleek black shepherd. She was young, only 10 months old but striking with her huge ears and jet black coat. Not often that I meet a shepherd with her coloring, she had the typical markings of a shepherd but with much more black on her.

I didn't know it then but this was one of the greatest dogs I was to meet. At the time she was a youngster still trying out the whole "let's see how far I can push" behavior. She lived with a very strong willed female bulldog who was typically humorous and very serious about retaining her alpha status. Watching the young shepherd harass the old bulldog and be put in her place was very interesting. The shepherd towered over her much older but much shorter sister yet she was very intimidated by her confidence.

I spent many training sessions with these two watching the young shepherd grow into an adult who learned to respect the bulldog as she grew old and finally faded. This shepherd now well into her adult life is one of the most even tempered, friendly yet intimidating dogs I have ever met. Intimidating only to people who do not know her through her ominous exterior. But she is intelligent, endearing and loyal to her guardian beyond belief.

I love to watch the connection between a guardian and their dog and this one is exceptional. The intelligence in this dogs eyes is obvious and to watch her hang on every word from her guardian, clearly she understands far more than you would ever think they understand.

I love nothing more than meeting dogs who have amazing temperments and personalities. The breeder who produces dogs like this is the type of person who should be breeding dogs.

There are many dogs who have come in and out of my life, some have left a mark and this one amazingly beautiful and intense girl has left hers.

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