Here for a good time, not a long time

A dog's time with us here is short indeed. With my dogs now 7, 10 1/2 and 11 1/2, age is something I am thinking about. I don't dwell on it and I certainly don't treat my dogs like seniors. Luke is my baby and in his prime but the girls are getting up there. It seems like yesterday I was bringing each of them home. How did I get to this point in time with senior dogs so quickly?

Being a dog lover you must somehow come to terms with the fact that your dog or dogs will only be by your side for a short time. Often the knowledge of this is enough to keep people from adding a dog to their life. But for many it is not enough to stop them from enjoying the company of dogs. I know that my dogs are only with me for a small chunk out of my life but I wouldn't miss a second of it.

It is sad but true, our dogs are only on this earth for on average of 10 years. That is a short time compared to how long we will be on this earth. Yet our lives are enriched so much by living with dogs that I simply can't imagine life without dogs. Our dogs cram a whole lifetime into a decade, so much so that it may seem that our dogs live forever.

If you are a big dog lover and have had many dogs in your past, present and know there will be more in your future there are a few things to think about that help with knowing our dogs are here for a short while. Live life in the moment, enjoy every second (even the bad seconds) you are with your dog. Think back at all of the dogs that have touched your life in some way, each one enriching your life. How have all the dogs in your life changed you to be a better person? I know all of my dogs have helped in my evolution.

Our dogs are here for a good time and good time is what they should have. An intensely close relationship with their guardian, fun romping in the fields, good food and good sleep. They don't ask much of us, but as a guardian it is our chosen role to keep them happy. That means learning as much as you can how to keep your dog happy. Research and learn.

I would not be the person I am today had I not lived with all the dogs I have. If I had not experienced the good and bad moments with them and learned. Learning is the biggest part of living with dogs, I truly believe that each dog has something big to teach us. The dogs in our future will benefit from the dogs in our past.

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