Are we over vaccinating our dogs?

Are we over vaccinating our pets? As far as our dogs are concerned; I believe so. There is a huge movement growing about the damaging health implications of over vaccinating. I have done a large amount of research on the subject as I am very interested in any new and improved protocols regarding our canines. I am not a vet but would like to pass on this information for anyone who is interested in reading it.

My little girl Jessie has an auto-immune disorder. Was this immune disorder her tiny body's reaction to not being able to tolerate the yearly vaccinations? All I know is that she seemed to be healthy one day and the next failed quickly to near death within a week. And the fact that the "non puppy mill" version of the Jack Russell is one of the healthiest of breeds leaves one wondering as to what exactly was the cause of this auto immune disorder. Below is a link to Jessie's story, you'll need a tissue.

When I hear people claiming "she's due for her yearly shots," I wish I could educate everyone. We have been lead to believe that our dogs need yearly shots or else. As the date nears and passes we are sent into needless worry that our furry companion may contact a deadly disease without their annual shot.

So how do we educate the masses, there are so many people to tell that it is a long and tedious word of mouth. I wish everyone had at least heard about over vaccinating dogs so that they would be more aware of situation and look into it for themselves. I am in no way telling anyone not to vaccinate their dog, I just want you to read up on the facts and decide for yourself.

A great informational link on the subject

There is alot of information out there so there is no reason not to know. For your dogs health please read.

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