Between the sheets

I'm kinda tired this morning, my sleep was interupted by a constant and nagging sensation to free my legs. Feeling very much like I was stuck, I battled the elusive comfortable spot for what seemed to be hours. It was warm lastnight but cool enough to sleep so that was not the issue. My fleeting dreams between my half awake moments of distress were all leg related, running, tripping and stretching type dreams.

Now my back was starting to feel the pressure of having my legs wedged and unable to find the right spot. Each time I awoke I was in what I call the "coma zone.' Not asleep and not awake but somewhere in between, unable to make sense of anything or think straight I was growing frustrated as I would slip back into a shallow and uncomfortable sleep. At one point I was awakened by Tilley's snoring right beneath my head which I'm well used to now and slipped again into my restless sleep.

I don't know how much physical time passed before I awoke enough to emerge from the "coma zone" but it finally donned on my that I had a 55 lb poodle between my legs. I couldn't move because Luke had found the perfect sleeping spot on my side of the bed right between my legs. I don't know what time he joined me in bed but I do know that my sleep had been interupted for some time.

So being the fabulous Mom that I am I attempted to get comfortable around him. Both legs on the left, that lasted a short time before I was cramping up. Both legs on the right and literally falling off of the bed, no my back was starting to hurt again. Okay, one leg on each side like before I realized there was a 55 lb obstacle in my bed and stopping me from having a very good night sleep.

Enough was enough, I'm was not sleeping and Luke was twitching and dreaming happily. Time to move the dead weight at the end of the bed so I can sleep. Moving a dog that is accustom to sleeping in bed with you is no easy task. They definitely get use to dealing with constant movement and kicking, it is something they tolerate to sleep with the big boys. So it wasn't going to be a little leg pushing that would do the job.

I was starting to enter the "coma zone" so the word OFF was not coming out for some reason. All of my dogs know it and oblige very nicely but words weren't available for me in this state. I shoved both feet underneath Luke in an attempt to create a not so welcoming environment, but it was obvious that he could deal with my feet under him. Next tactic was to shift around endlessly until he could no longer handle the nonsense on the bed, which worked.

My legs felt the relief immediately as he stood, looked around and found a more peaceful spot right in the middle of the bed which was fine with me. Not too long ago we got a Kingsize bed just for these type of human/canine interactions.

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