Off road dogs

Yesterday; with the searing heat meant that there was not much one could do outdoors after the early hour of around 9am so we went off-roading in my Xterra. The idea of enjoying the outdoors in the comfort of an air-conditioned car sounded great and it was. We decided that we were really going to go for it so our long legged poodles had to stay home. Both Tilley and Luke are really good on their feet but this would be more than they could handle. But Jessie with her stocky body and shorter legs was more than able to take the bumps. So, she was geared up in her harness and ready to go.

Jessie loves to go for a ride in the car, she doesn't particularly care where we are going, she just loves to ride. She's always loved riding and it is in fact a trait of the Jack Russell to love a ride on anything, horse, boat, trailer or car. When Jessie is riding in the car she gets her "travelling" face on. She gets a blank stare when she is in the car, I'm not quite sure where it comes from but it's on as soon as she gets in the car.

Jessie is a risk taker, no sitting in the back seat for this girl. She has always enjoyed standing on the middle console with her toes over the edge just barely hanging on. But seeing that this spot is not the safest one for her to be in she is almost always belted in. Yesterday we took extra percautions to ensure her safety while shaking, heaving and rocking back and forth. She was held tight by the backseat riders at all times. Even with her sturdy build and well muscled legs she would have flown around the car like a water bottle typically does on these rides.

The ride was long and hard but so much fun. Once at the end of our road we got out to let Jessie have some fun rooting around in the bush. Having been in the cool environment of the car, the heat hit us the second the door was open and our outdoor fun was short lived. In this heat you really need to be careful where you step watching that there are no Rattlers around. Like the typical ratters that Jack Russells are, Jessie was on the hunt immediately and long before she was ready to end we were back in the car to the AC.

The trip back down the road was just as much fun, this time my son took the drivers seat while I held my camera in the ready. We made several stops for me to capture some great scenery images and of course Jessie enjoying the outdoors. But that too was a real challenge, my eye piece was fogging up from the heat as I tried to capture Jessie in her element. With some excellent images and Jessie's tongue hanging out the side of her mouth we were back in the car and the AC again.

What a great day, I'm so glad I bought my xterra!!!!!

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