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Today I have painters coming so I'll loose my computer usage any moment. Tilley's tail is still on the mend but she did have another chew incident yesterday.

Yesterday a friend came over who we had not seen for a couple of years. It amazes me how much my dogs remember her the minute she walks in. Luke goes insane, spinning and jumping and generally behaving out of control. This behavior is saved for her alone, quite an honor. It does not matter how many years go between visits; all of my dogs remember her in one quick sniff.

It is easy to know when Luke remembers someone because if he doesn't know you; believe me you get quite a different greeting. He is of suspicious nature like his Mom. During our visit Tilley took advantage of my lack of supervision while I was gabbing and went for her tail. I had just unwrapped her tail to show my friend and rewrapped it up. No more than 10 minutes passed and I heard the familiar panic panting. I jumped out of my seat; where Tilley had been only sitting a few feet away and saw the damage immediately.

There was blood all over her new bed, her face and her wound looked bad. I quickly bandaged it up again and have yet to have a peek this morning. I am heading that way to see what it looks like this moring but there has been a huge change with the reduction of swelling.

Have a great day.

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