Quick update

Just a quick note to let everyone know whats going on. Took Tilley's wrap off this morning, it doesn't look good. Hard to tell what is going on, it looks like it is trying to heal. There was some green which is never good and a split now coming from the center hole. Thanks Carol, I am sending the shots to UC Davis, hopefully someone will have an idea.

I did find a disease that it could be but it is rare. I need to call my vet and ask him about it. I will post the name so you can all read up on it.

Tilley has had a rough year, she had a staph infection in her bladder which we treated. She got this tail thing and has another bladder infection, believe me I'm wondering if this is all connected somehow. The vet said yesterday that even if this does heal, it will be at least 8 weeks.

Funny, I needed a baby sitter for my kids and now I need one if I need to go out. Someone has to be here with Tilley so that she does not pull off her bandaging. When I am here I have to take off her dressing several times a day to air. She pretty much goes crazy and it is near impossible to stop her from nipping at it. It was off this morning for several minutes and then bandaged again.

More later.

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