sleeping with dogs

I'm sure all of you who keep up with this blog probably sleep with your dogs. Maybe not but there is a certain stigma that has been put on "dogs in your bed." When I have a new client and I ask where the dog sleeps; I am always given a sheepish "in our bed," if the dog does indeed sleep in the bed.

Funny; the answer I get if they don;t sleep in the guardians bed is very factual "in the garage or kitchen." So who gave sleeping with dogs such a bad wrap? I'm not sure but I know one thing, I love sleeping with my dogs. I should rephrase that actually, I love spending time with my dogs in bed. I'm not as fond of the part where they hog the bed as I am TRYING to sleep.

There are rules about sleeping in bed with our dogs and they should be followed strictly. There is to be no negative feedback from our dogs if we move, push or otherwise want them out of our spot. If your dog objects to being moved around or moved off of the bed, they then loose the great priviledge of being on the bed.

This is very serious and a very common problem, growling. Many people tell me that their dog growls if they attempt to move them or remove them from their bed. Hey, who's bed is this? You have all the bed rights as top dog in the household. If your dog is growling at you about bed rights then that is a very clear sign of where you rank in the big picture.

Your dog needs to stay off of the bed until such a time where you have re-established your hierarchy ranking. This is simply done by having your dog comply to many rules within the household.

Remember, sleeping the bed with the big boys is a priviledge not a right. Think of it in those terms and you will better understand why your dog should not tell you where you can and cannot sleep.


  1. Good blog. I will book mark and keep reading as you may have already wrote about an issue I am having with walking my dog.

    I do not let my dog sleep in my bed, possibly because there is just not enough room for a third party. But he always sleeps within 10 feet of my bed. Either right next to it, or at the bedroom door, or front door.

    Although he will nap there when we are not in it, as soon as we go to bed, he plops down right next to the bed.

  2. Thanks for leaving a comment. Sounds like you have it all worked out. My boy also jumps off the bed as soon as "Dad" gets in. If "Dad" is away, we sleep together.


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