Dogs and the holiday season

The Holiday season is upon us but the "big day" is still around the corner. Many of you may be contemplating the idea of a Christmas puppy. Oh, I know; the idea itself is dreamy. Afterall who wouldn't want an adorable fuzz bucket with a cold black nose under the Christmas tree.

Reality check, me; I don't want a puppy for Christmas. The fact that this phrase came out of me; Sherri the most dog loving dog person around may be quite surprising to many of you. My life revolves around dogs and there was a day that I did want a puppy for Christmas but not anymore. Puppies are too much work to have the week of Christmas.

Puppies deserve your undivided attention and honesty there is no way you can give them that on Christmas day. It is simply not fair for the puppy or the family. The holiday season can be a hectic time and adding a puppy on top of an already overflowing agenda can push anyone over the the edge. Stress can turn to frustration which can then lead to regret.

What is a great idea though is a puppy "gift certificate." Write out a note to your love one telling them of their gift. This does two things; 1. allows them to prepare for the arrival of a new puppy and 2. gives them time to figure out how to tell you that they don't want a puppy right now in their life.

There are far too many dogs dumped after Christmas for one reason or another and an impulsive purchase can be #1. Even myself; an experienced dog trainer knows that adding a puppy to my family at Christmas would be a very bad idea. But a gift certificate would be very nice. Afterall, I do temperament testing of litters; I want to pick out my own puppy.

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