Playing hard and injuries

Not only humans play too hard and get hurt. My boy Luke is hurt again this morning and he is soaking up the sympathy to the best of his ability. I don't know what he did yesterday but I joined my husband in the morning for the canyon walk. Luke was as usual; up front and in the lead. Jessie was on and off her extension lead depending on my fear level of coyotes in the vicinity and Tilley, well perfectly by my side as usual.

There were no spills, no wipe outs and no obvious incidents to let us know what happened to Luke. But once home and eating lunch I immediately knew something was wrong. I am very conscious of the slightest changes in body posture from my own and other dogs. As Luke displayed some "please give me a piece of ham" behavior he held his head just "off" enough for me to see something was not right. I told my husband, he's hurt his neck again.

Luke is from show dog lines, he's not a showdog but he is very long and flashy; just the way they like them in the ring. So he suffers from neck and leg injuries all the time. Tilley is built much more squarely and rarely is injured in this way. Tilley can turn on a dime, Luke takes a wide attempt when turning and even then often wipes out with his feet slipping beneath him.

So now we have a dog with a sore neck. He will baby himself and expect the same from me today. How can I not when he looks at me with those big sad eyes begging for sympathy. Afterall he is my baby at the moment and I do tend to need something to nurture. He will receive bufferin for the pain and lots of hugs and kisses to make him feel better, at least it helps me to feel better. :)

There is always someone to take care of, whether they are furless or furry.

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