Right around the corner

The Holiday Season is upon us and Christmas is just around the corner. Many people; children included will be hoping for a puppy under the tree. As much as I would love my own puppy under the tree; a puppy in the Holiday season is a really bad idea. Most big, huge, gigantic mistake are made from buying a puppy at the pet store or a seedy breeder out for your holiday cash.

No good breeder will give you a puppy for Christmas day, most will hold puppies until after the big event. Even for myself as a very experienced dog trainer I would not want a puppy at Christmas time. They are just too much work to be able to pull off the Christmas morning let alone a great dinner without a hitch. So if a puppy is in your near future be forwarned.

Stay away from the Pet Stores, find a breeder that will hold the puppy until after the big day. Get a great stuffed replica and surprise your giftee with a "this is coming" card. And make sure that the recipient of your thoughtful gift is going to be thankful and not regretful. Way too many puppies are dumped soon after the Holiday season due to lack of interest and no longer wanting a dog now that they are not an adorable puppy.

This may sound too sad to be true but it is very true. Winter is a great time to get a puppy because they housetrain in a flash, ask me how I know? Standing out in the freezing cold works wonders to get things moving really quickly. And the ground is frozen so there is not much to smell or distract a puppy from their business. But wait until the new year or go ahead and do it now before the big day. Hopefully you will have a routine worked out by then and it won't be such a huge wrench in the works.

Happy Holiday Season to everyone; this is my favorite time of year.

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