Shopping Friday

So, with the biggest shopping day upon us I wonder how many people are out there going crazy? Well I for one am still in bed with my dogs snuggled all around me. The weather is fabulous; in the mid 60s and overcast this morning. Although hearing that it is snowing back home is a little hard to take this time of year. I know my dogs would love to be playing in the snow today but they are just about to go for another big canyon run with their Dad. They all went yesterday with Dad and my daughter; Jessie doesn't always go because she is such a sniffer and lags behind badly. With the threat of coyotes looming they cannot leave her alone to catch up.

Yesterday we celebrated CKO (Christmas Kick off); you see we already celebrated the Canadian Thanksgiving so on the Am. Thanksgiving we prepare for the Christmas season. We had a huge Italian feast and while my daughter and I were cooking up a storm my dogs were unusually quiet. I occassionally saw them enter the kitchen, have a look around at what was being prepared and leave again.

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