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Yesterday we were down by the ocean at a very popular local spot to walk dogs. I often take my dogs there and have written about the squirrels who tempt my dogs into a frenzy and stretch my arm to the max. Yesterday we had just gone out for a bite and headed down with our visitors, without dogs.

I felt strange walking without my dogs so of course focused my attention on all of the other dogs. I would have to say that at least 90% were small in stature., and about 70% were of mixed heritage; interesting facts to ponder. So as I took in the statistics and thought about it; the size of the dogs made perfect sense. Most people who walk here are older, many live close by and may have downsized their canine choice already. Many people who choose to live with smaller dogs do simply for the reason that it is much easier to bring them everywhere with you.

With shelters and rescues popping up all over the place there are more and more mixed breed guardians. One couple had three very different mixed breeds, small, medium and large. All dogs were very well behaved and obviously much loved. The idea that these dogs may have been waiting in a shelter for that special someone to come and save them is sad. But seeing the three enjoying a walk together with their guardians put a smile on my face.

One gentleman passed us with his what looked to be a little black pug mix sporting a Santa coat. It was hard not to find this adorable. The man told us that his dog was reading peemail; I have referred to pee as doggy email but never heard it called peemail before; very appropriate. I stopped another lady to ask her if her dog was a Tibetan Terrier which made her very happy. She had got her dog from a rescue and was told that it was a Tibetan terrier but she never really knew if he was actually a Tibetan. So my question sealed the deal that she does indeed have a tibetan terrier or a least a dog that looks exactly like a Tibetan.

It was a nice walk and I did enjoy the other dogs but I sure missed mine.

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