Chow time

Good morning again, as I stood here cooking up my guys beef I realized that I can now bring my computer down to the kitchen. My hubby got me a wireless linksys for xmas and I love it. I use to only be able to get service in my one corner of my bedroom, this is glorious. So I'm cooking up some beef for the pooches, I just finished my breakfast and the girls are patiently sitting in the middle of the kitchen. Luke is still on his doggy couch downstairs and hasn't even been out yet; which will be changing momentarily.

Lastnight they had quite the meal; lots of leftovers made for the gourmet meal deluxe. They had chicken, tri tip, lemon pasta, baby assorted organic lettuce, organic baby arugula, and apple. It looked very good and was gone in a flash, I can always tell when Luke is going to like a meal and this was one of them. We had lemon pasta with chicken, mushrooms, capers and baby organic arugula, yum.

I'm not sure what is on the menu for these guys or us for tonight; I'm going to think on it. I do know it will involve arugula; my new found favorite food.


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