Dogs at the beach

Yesterday I took my camera and headed down to the beach in attempts of getting some nice natural dog shots. I was hopiing that there would be some dogs enjoying themselves down there with their guardian. I was also hoping that their guardian would be interested in having their dog in the book I am working on. I approached one gentleman sitting on a bench with four lhasa type dogs and he was very uninterested. I don't get it but I don't care; so I just move on.

Then I ran into a couple of ladies with their mixed shep/collie type dogs who were having the best time. The dogs were romping through the water like it was their favorite thing in the world to be doing. It was such a pleasure to watch and even more of a pleasure to shoot. I got some nice photos; a couple that will hopefully end up in my book.

I am still on the search for great dog shots so if you are out there in the OC you may see me in my black Xterra with camera in hand. Oh, I'll ask before I shoot; I always do.

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