Rain again

Well I'm in full gear and back to work. I have a feeling I will be retaining a lingering cough for sometime. It's raining again which will definitely put a wrench in the works with my photography. Although i am hopin to get some nice rain dog photos, so I will be out in the rain tomorrow. My dogs are in full recovery mode after their weekend full of power running; sometimes it's good when Mom is really busy.

I had a great shoot today, met some wonderful people and fabulous dogs. At the moment my PC is working on my photos on the stove there is hamburger that I just brought home for my pooches. They will be happy with dinner for sure tonight. There is nothing like a warm homecooked meal on a cold rainy night.

I will be uploading several more shots from yesterdays shoot with my guys. I can't help it; you know they are adorable. :)

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