What a day

Yesterday was a busy day; with impending rain I had decided it was "computer day" working on my book and other photo requirements. So I spent the day working up photos; transferring photos to disc and generally getting organized. Late in the afternoon as I slid another disk into the cd burner; my life stopped momentarily. Nothing happened, my mouse was dead; the burner was unrecognized and doom was looming. I have had one major computer meltdown before when I lost everything that had been on the computer; I'm smarter now.

I've been out lately shooting alot of dogs so I had a little bit of a backlog on the burning part of my work. And the current book I am working on was only half on disk at this point as I stood frozen in disbelief; ah computers don't you just love'm? I know this moment has been coming but it's sort of like driving a car that is paid off but you know is on the way out; you try to squeeze every last bit of life out of it. Knowing that I had been pushing my computer harder than I should have, I shut it down and sat on the couch.

With my dogs huddled around me; I thought. I tried not to panic; afterall there were only a few images on there that I might loose if things don't go back to normal. I moved to the floor for some canine support; it's all about the dogs and loosing even one image of an amazing dog that I have met and photographed was not okay with me. Boosted by the "we love you more than anything" attitude from my dogs I grabbed my purse and was off to Best Buy.

This small glitch I had was a huge warning I believe; my old computer is on the way out. Not one for having unplanned "downtime;" I now have an amazing new computer with a 24" screen to view all the dogs on. My dogs checked out each and every box as it came into the house with excitement. And although Luke typically helps with any new package opening; he just sat back and watched this time. I do believe that large boxes click a memory switch in his head about our move which unnerved him.

Oh, and my old computer is up and running and all my photos are safe, whewwww.

It is also my son's b-day today; a big 18. My baby is no longer.

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