what makes you smile about dogs?

Don't dogs just make you smile? The things that make me smile the most about dogs are when they are just being their adorable self. A couple of days ago I had my poodles in the car and was heading to the field for a run. As I glanced in my rearview mirror I could see Luke with his giant ears up. He gets very excited about going out and when he is in the car he has to see everything; he doesn't miss a thing. He spotted a man and his dog and watched them until he could see them no longer, this makes me smile.

Yesterday I had a shoot with a dog who started to circle tail when her Mom came near and was talking to her. Circle tail is when a dogs tail wags in a circle and it makes me smile. Watching a dog at the dog park as he searched for his guardian who had gone missing when he wasn't looking and finally makes contact makes me smile. Seeing my little Jack Russell soaking up the heat from the sun beaming into my bedroom makes me smile.

I love to watch dogs; it's what I do. Along with training, writing and taking photos of dogs I love to just watch them. I love the subtle behaviors they give to their guardians; behaviors that are strictly reserved for them and them alone. It is the small things that I love the most; watching my girl Tilley smile (yes, a full teeth grin) at my son who she has grown up with. Or the evening ritual of my pack coming undone because Dad is home.

There is no one certain behavior that makes me smile; but dogs in general make me smile. Tell me what makes you smile about your dog; I'd love to hear.

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