All dogs are in bed with us again this morning. Actually Jessie's head is resting on my hand which is making typing a little difficult. She is of course the closest to the jar of cookies and my food. Luke was first up on the bed, Jessie next and finally Tilley after much cheering. It's not that she doesn't want to come up; she is having a diffcult time of it now in her senior years. Several times she has slid back almost crashing to the ground so she is a bit apprehensive about it. But she can still do it.

Luke of course is front and center, under the down comforter that he matches so nicely. Once Jessie arrived she was crowding him a little. He is not one for being moved in on; he hates it and will typically get up and move to a less crowded spot. But this morning it was a supreme spot that he was not giving up, even if others were wanting a piece of it.

Then Tilley arrived and lay across the top of Luke with her arm slung over him. He got up a bit; gave a look of "what the heck is going on here?" And he lay back down. This is a first, I'm amazed that he stayed in his spot. But as I look at him now I see that he is not only covered with the down blanket; he is also ontop of it so he is pretty much in a toasty sandwich and not moving. Not moving except to dream; he is a big and active dreamer.

So when all three dogs were in position; I wanted to grab my camera. There was much discussion as to who should try to get it without having the dogs move. I was the least entangled by the dogs so gave the command to stay and quietly grabbed my camera, put on the flash and climbed back into bed. Above are the shots I got; very cute.

They are now scattered around the bed but Luke is still covered and on top of the down comforter.

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