Its hot again

Well, the temps are up in the high 80s already; although they are suppose to drop down again by mid week I believe. These temps make it much more difficult to exercise the dogs as you must get out before it gets hot or wait until it cools off in the evening. But many people don't; opting to exercise themselves and their dogs in the mid day heat. I truly never understand how people don't get that it is too hot out to run their dogs. Especially on the pavement, it radiates heat like crazy.

My rule has always been, take your shoe off and stand on the surface you intend to run your dog on. It is surprising how hot the manmade ground can become. That and the fact that our dogs whole body is much closer to the ground where the heat can be the worst can make running or even walking an unenjoyable event. This weather for us is a taste of things to come; it gets hot here, and the heat is something we dog people must contend with.

It is definitely time for Luke's coat to come off; I've been procrastinating on the new clippers, I'm just not sure which ones to buy. But, I'm doing it today; I'm not up for the struggle of getting the old ones through that huge thick coat anymore. We saw another standard poodle at the beach the other day clipped the same way as I keep my guys. I guess it is catching on and I couldn't be happier.

No one ever knows what kind of dogs I have; although since I clipped Luke's face he is looking very poodley, or at least how people think poodles should look. But it is about to all change, we will once again go back to the mysterious curly coated breed. I've even had people who have poodles come up to us and ask "what kind of dogs are those?"

So I guess the saying "you are what you wear" even goes for dogs. With the pom poms they are poodles, without they are the dogs that leave everyone with a question mark over their head. And this is the best ever; some poodle people have even asked me "why I would want a poodle if I don't want them to look like poodles?" News flash people, poodles are not born with pom poms.

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