Lizards, seizures and gourmet cooking

Good morning and TGIF again.

Yesterday Luke had a seizure; the first in a very longtime. A tiny lizard running around my backyard was the cause. The cause of most of Luke's seizures is being waken out of a deep sleep too fast. I have written about it on my blog before. This time he was asleep in the familyroom; the patio door was open as it was such a nice day. Suddenly, the girls shot out the door like a flash; in a flurry of fur all you could hear was nails ripping across the concrete. In an instant Luke was up and out following the girls lead. Within less than a minute he was back with the look of panic on his face, and began the climbing, clawing behavior that comes with it.

This is a look I know well; and as I often do I tried to stop the thing from coming. I change the topic; talk upbeat, asked him about the lizard that he had been running after. I'm sure he didn't even know it was a lizard he was after; he had just followed the herd. He then ran halfway out to check on the lizard that I had now told him was outside and came back in immediately. It was coming and there was nothing stopping it this time**. I got myself comfortable and lay him down beside me.

It starts at a low level seizure, he is conscious and with me; you can tell by his eye movement. Then it seems to stop but it is the calm before the storm. Luke then slips into the full force of the mysterious enemy; stiffening up with his legs well over his head in a very unnatural position. I try keep out of the way of his stiffening legs and paws; which could do alot of damage with one blow. I am always aware of where his mouth is; those teeth can start nashing at anytime and you don't want to be within bite range if they do.

When the second phase of the seizure hits; Luke is gone, his eyes are dead. His pupils are dilated, and his stare is fixed which is very scarey to see the first time but something again that I am use to. Yesterday I called my son down as Luke started to seize, I want everyone to know what to expect and what to do if I'm not there when Luke has a seizure. It is disturbing the first time you witness it.

After the seizure has quieted in Luke's body he is shakey on his feet. His tail wags alot from the reassurance of his Mom by his side. The panting starts and he is transformed into a very extreme velcro dog. For probably an hour he must be by my side. So, I settle in and watch some tv, until the of fear and insecurity loosens it's grip on Luke and he is satisfied to be in the same room with me.

By dinner time he was okay just being in the same room which soon gave way to me being in the kitchen preparing their dinner and Luke lay waiting in the livingroom. For some reason he does not like the dog bed in the kitchen and lays on the livingroom carpet which is just around the corner. So lastnight I cooked up some fresh halibut, ham for flavor, green beans and oatmeal and to my surprise Luke ate every bit. He is not a big fish fan, the girls love; although Jessie loves anything pretty much but they all ate it with gusto.

After dinner we watched a National Geographic show and then went to bed; Luke was on the bed when I fell asleep but in his own bed when I awoke this morning. The sun is rising on a new day and we will put yesterday behind us.

**There have been several times over the years where Luke has displayed pre seizure behaviors that give me a heads up of the impending seize. Immediately I kick into "we are not having a seizure" gear which has actually worked. Luke knows when he is going to have a seizure and I'm not sure what the signs are to him but I'm thinking it must be a scent; something that happens from his brain. The times I have seen that he thinks he is going to have a seizure and then does not he is always sniffing the air. Sort of like that commercial from the past "I smell burnt toast." Is it a scent that precedes a seizure? An atomospheric occurance? I'm not sure but there have been times when Luke has received the information that comes before a seizure, but it never comes.

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