So what is it about a Jack Russell that makes people smile?  We took Jessie down to the beach lastnight; just her.  It is special for her to go out alone because she is the Alpha dog of the house.  At almost 12 years old she still makes people smile.  I always have people approach me asking "how old is your puppy?"  When I tell them that she is almost 12 they think I mean weeks.I guess the fact that people think she is a puppy is quite a compliment.  I wish someone would mistake me for a 30 year old, not likely.

  Anyhow people are shocked that she is not a puppy and then double shocked that it is not 12 months but is infact 12 years.  It is a miracle that Jessie is still with us actually because of the ordeal she went through 6 years ago.

So at nearly 12 she is looking very good for her age.  The only sign that she is any older at all is the fact that she is very good, hey she is a Jack Russell.  And she likes to lay in the sun a little more than she use to.  Other than that there is nothing that gives any hint of her age.She is always ready for a rumble; infact lastnight a couple of dogs challenged her at the beach and she was more than ready to kick sand in their face.  She makes me smile at her confident, tough attitude. 

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