Saturday night

It feels weird to be writing at night instead of before the day has started. My day today was not how I had intended. I was up bright and early for a day of shooting but at 8:30 went out back and realized that it was already over 80. The weather guys were right and it was a scorcher. So in to change my plans for the day, cancelled my shoots; it was just too hot for shoots. It ended up being near 100 where we are at.

So mid afternoon the AC was turned on and it was bearable. For those of you who know me you already know that I hate the heat; high 60s low 70s is my kind of weather. So my plan was to finish my book shoots this weekend but it will have to wait until mid week when the temps drop down to a better heat for me. Then I'll be out back at it again. Although I do have a shoot tomorrow morning which I'm hoping is a nice quick one before it gets really hot.

Wed. is suppose to be a highof 63; how weird is that? The dogs feel the heat, things were pretty mellow at my place tonight, even in the evening which is usually Luke's time to rev up. He rarely sleeps in the evening and usually makes a huge mess spreading all of his toys around the family room. He will bring you anything you ask him to and loves to catch. He makes death defying leaps to catch whatever you throw to him. He loves it and is quite proud as he struts around with it in his mouth.

Tilley is snoring at the moment, she is a big snorer. She is on her bed; jessis is on hers and Luke is on mine. Good night all.

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