Its the little things

I remember hearing Nate ask Oprah; "what makes you happy? " Oprah liked the question and so did I; so much that I pondered the question for about a week and everytime I smile I think of the question asked. Little things make me smile:

Watching my lanky blonde poodle stretch out on the shag carpet; rubbing his face, with his tail wagging uncontrolably.

My Jack Russell airborne in a toothy face snap as she tries to control the big dogs.

A quiet moment in the sun when all three dogs are curled up together on one bed.

Although it is annoying; when Luke is screaming with excitement chasing a bird.

Eye contact; thats a biggy.

Checking in; they just like to know we're here.

Watching my Jack Russell reach into a tide pool with her tiny front legs.

The intense drive behind Tilley's desire to chase and retrieve.

Watching my dogs dream.

Sharing an ice cream cone with my three.

Bringing home a double quarter pounder as a special treat.

Watching them; watching me.

Capturing a special connection between guardian and their dog.

Hearing others talk about their dogs.

Bringing home a new dog bed; and having three try it out.

Seeing contentment in their eyes.

It's the little things.

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