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Well, I did it; I trained yesterday. Its been alongtime since I had a client and went off to train both dog and guardian. The morning was a little out of sorts for me, it will take a bit to get back into the swing of the training routine. The photography routine is entirely different from the training one so juggling back and forth should do my poor brain some good. It will be a challenge to say the least.

So off I went; not sure how training again was going to feel. IT FELT GREAT. I'm not sure how long exactly I haven't been training for because I am continually submerged in dog stuff. I was burnt out when I decided to call it quits; but even then I knew it wasn't over for good. I love dog behavior too much to say "that's it."

Back to my dogs; we are going to be having alot of work done on the outside of the house so I decided to order up some long needed ex pens. Ex pens are great for anytime you need to contain or partion a dog or dogs. I bought two 42" so that they would accomodate both poodles and jrt. They are big and they are heavy but I love them. The easier I can make life with dogs the better. So these will allow me to keep the dogs in certain areas of the yard and not have to worry about mixing workers and dogs.

I ordered my "dog stuff" from on Wednesday and it was at my door when I returned from training yesterday. I was shocked; and very happy. I have been extremely happy with PetEdge both with service and prices. I will definitely purchase all of my "dog stuff" from them.

I am off to the beach this morning with the poodles. I have started an OCstandardpoodle group and hope to get a good number of people join with their dogs. I'm always shooting these events, French Bulldogs, Cavaliers, Doxies and Chi meet ups. So I thought it was time for our own SP (standard poodle) group. There are several other groups, one in San Diego and a couple in LA so we needed on in the OC.

At the moment we are very small but hopefully we will grow to a big bunch of sp's. I was just at the beach on Tuesday with the dogs and they love it so needless to say; we'll have a good time.

Happy "It's Friday" everyone. Have a great weekend.

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