The beach and teeth

I'm already back from the beach and its only 8:20 am. I decided as I was going to bed lastnight that I would try to get up early and hit the beach with the dogs before the 8:00 off the beach rule. It takes me about 15min to drive there, then find parking, leash up the dogs and I'm good.

I opened my eyes at 5:55am, lay there and took in who was where in the room. My hubby is away so the dogs tend to sleep on the bed then. Luke was curled up and sound asleep on the end of the bed; Jessie was in Luke's bed and Tilley was in her own bed. I contemplated going down for my coffee and then decided to just enjoy not having to get up; when I remembered the beach.

So at 6:15 I pelted downstairs, grabbed a coffee and bowl of cereal and ran back up to my bed to check emails and eat. The dogs had no intention of getting up although Jessie had now moved to the bed. I grabbed a quick shower, let the dogs out and checked the car for leashes, rugs, water and bowl.

We left at 7:10 and I figured that would give us a 1/2 hour walk on the beach. I was right on; we were able to park right on the street in front of the beach, throw leashes on and hit the beach. We walked a full 1/2 hour and made it back to the car at 8 on the dot. The dogs love the beach and so do I; especially this early when there aren't too many people out yet.

So I am now preparing their food for breakfast; which this morning is raw beef, organic rice, flax seed, green beans, olive oil and blueberries. Then about an hour later I will finish scraping their teeth which I started lastnight. Both Tilley and Luke's teeth are amazingly clean. Especially Tilley's because she uses a bone to clean them whenever they need it. Luke's back teeth only need a quick scraping but Jessie's need some work now that she is 12.

I hadn't realized they were quite as dirty so she will be my main focus today. Cleaning their teeth on my own and giving them raw marrow bones to chew ensures that I don't have to have any of them put out to have their teeth cleaned which is dangerous; especially at this age.

They don't love it but I will write more about how to prepare your dogs for home teeth cleaning. And how to prepare yourself with the knowledge and guts to do it.

Have a great day, its suppose to be a scorcher here.

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