Dogs and feeling good

Yesterday we spent a good deal of our time indoors. It was well over 100 stink'n smoggy degrees, yep I love the heat. My daughters and I were just chill'n in the familyroom; the dogs were spread out. Jessie my little JRT was on the couch with my daughter; they were both laying down enjoying each others company. Tilley was on the big dog bed and Luke was on the leather couch with me.

My daughter said "don't you notice how dogs make you feel better? They always love you." She was talking about when you are feeling down and the meer presence of your dog makes you feel much better. I thought about the studies that have discovered that animals can actually lower your blood pressure. They make people in nursing homes feel better when they visit and can put a smile on just about any face.

When life gets a bit over stressful or just a bit too much I often will tell my dogs that I need a hug. They are more than happy to oblige; its almost like the stress leaves instantly as I bury my head into their curly coats. There isn't a whole lot in life that I enjoy more than just spending time with my dogs. Whether it is going on a hike, going for ice cream, a car ride, grooming or simply laying on the floor with them it is always relaxing.

Humans like to be needed and we like to be loved; dogs deliver 100% in this need. I love caring for my dogs and I love how they turn to me in need. Just yesterday Luke hurt his bum ankle when he jumped off the bed; with his big stressful eyes he came to tell me what had happened. As he limped my way his eyes were telling me the story and looking for sympathy (he's a boy what can I say?) I checked his leg, gave him a hug and kiss and he was all better.

This not only makes Luke feel better but it makes me feel better. We have an amazing bond; I cannot imagine having dogs without such a close connection. The slightest change in behavior or physical stature will let me know that something is off; up or going on. It is this very intense bond that gives me what I need and what they need.

And lets me honest, who doesn't love the greeting you get when you walk in the front door? You may have just stepped out to get the mail, be gone for a couple of hours or been away on a trip and you are always welcomed home. When I walk in the door I am greeted by a tiny Jack russell running in circles with a bone in her mouth, Tilley bowing over and over again with the occasional toothy smile and Luke bowing, spinning, jumping, hair biting and open mouth huffing who tops it off.

It sure makes me happy and I wouldn't have it any other way.

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