Familiar sounds

With the sun still behind the trees the time was 5:58 and I was rousted out of my sleep by the familiar sounds of a heaving dog. Nothing gets me out of bed faster than a wretching dog. I'm up and herding them out onto the balcony before I'm awake. She does the two expected hurls and is done; thank heavens for our balcony. Otherwise I would have to race down the stairs; risking injuring myself in my still sleeping state to get the hurler to the safe puke surface. Anywhere but the carpet is the goal.

But now I am out on the balcony once again, this time enjoying the sun as it comes up hinting of a beautiful day. After a full year of living in this house we finally gave in and bought some nice furniture to enjoy our balcony on. Now all we have to do is lay some light colored tiles on it and we're set. It is a dark turquoise color now; lovely (gag) and gets hot as all get out. The dogs are well aware of this and are very apprehensive to come out on it; even in the morning when we are in full shade. They are amazingly smart.

Jessie is the only one who enjoys the degree of heat on the balcony midday, full sun. She brings her little body out onto the hottest of spots and lays out soaking up the rays. I don't know how she does it; I cannot even stand for 20 seconds on it without burning my feet. Her color has alot to do with her sun toleration but the heat to touch is something her little body just loves.

It is this sun/heat tolerance that makes me a little choosey in my puppy selection. I'm not real picky about color; there is alot to choose from in poodles and now the parti, phantom and brindle colors are also getting popular. I am solely concerned with heat; Tilley suffers from the heat much more than Luke does when we are out. If the two are sitting in the sun; Tilley's body is hot to touch, Lukes is not. It's pretty easy to understand and the fact that we live in southern california and we do alot of outdoor activities with out dogs; I'd like to have a dog that is not going to suffer quite as much in the sun .

Nice morning; looking like a nice day. The poodles have just left with Dad for the canyon hike and Jessie sits with me while I write. I think we'll head down to Salt Creek with the little one after breakfast.

Have a great Saturday.

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