Life with dogs

Good Saturday morning; yes I did sleep in and so did the dogs. Jessie is loving her step stool I bought for Tilley and her; I can tell by waking up with Jessie squished up against me somewhere every morning now. I vaguely remember hearing the her little feet hit the stool and then I woke up and there she is. Tilley lay on her bed for a longtime moaning; she communicates her wishes through odd sounding groans. This is how she wakes us at night if she needs out.

I hopped out of bed thinking she needed out and she just lay there staring at me, okay. I crawled back into bed as she continued her attempts at telling me something. I said to her "come on then." And she slowly got herself up (she's 11) and hopped up onto the stool and on the bed. That's what she wanted; up on the bed but she was too lazy to get there. Luke was already up on the bed covered of course in a fuzzy blanket that looks like a continuation of himself.

Our dogs are very much a part of our family; daily plans are made around them often and when they cannot come the decision as to best accomodate them being left are made. The poodles have just left for their extreme canyon running and will come back exhausted. There will be no wondering what they are doing for he rest of the day, especially Tilley. Jessie will be going down to the beach later with us. It is getting increasingly difficult to find somewhere to take Jessie; she is very allergic to grass which is great fun. So the beach is a perfect place for this little one; and often it is my daugther who will take her.

Now that my children are adults they take great interest in all of the dogs. Each has a special connection with each dog; Luke's being the most physical out of the three, of course. When all of my kids are home I am constantly called to "see how cute" one of the dogs is being. I agree and go about my business happy that my kids take notice. Compassion for animals is in my opinion one of the most important things you can pass onto your children; the future. If humans have no compassion for animals; all will surely be lost.

You cannot teach compassion by shoving it down someones throat as many of the animal rights groups attempt to do. Humans are complex creatures and sometimes it takes a little work to figure out how best to get a message across. Example is the best and most impactful way to teach compassion, I think anyway. My children have seen me care for our animals, with respect, kindness, patience and guidance. They have seen me stop the car and jump out to rescue a dog in the street, take the dog into our home and find the dogs guardians.

Our little Jessie almost died 6 years ago, we spent thousands of dollars trying to find answers; this is just what you do. And just last fall Tilley almost had to have her tail amputated; but I was determined to save it which I did through weeks of around the clock care. My children have watched all of this and learned through my actions. This is how animals should be treated; bottom line. You treat your animals just as you would treat any member of your family.

One big happy family.

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