Monday morning- poodle rant

Good morning everyone, we are into the heat once again and once again I'm not happy about it. I should just learn to shut up and live with it right? right. So we had a good weekend, lots of gardening plans; a trip to the great new nursery we found and tons of exercise for the pooches. My husband was up nice and early to beat the heat with the dogs so that they would not overheat; neither dogs nor humans.

With the summer heat now upon us I gave the poodles a new hair cut on Friday; they are sporting Mohawks. Alongtime ago I got over the whole "poodle" clip and have not looked back. I had dealt with the "oh you have poodles?" accompanied with the rolling eye thing for years and finally after leaving the beach with my very athletic retrieving dogs, we were walking up the ramp when a really stupid guy said to me "oh I bet they wish they were at the beauty parlor instead of the beach," I pledged to my dogs not to do it to them again.

From that moment they have not had poodle haircuts. For years before I had gone between poodle and completely shaved; and I love the completely shaved look. I know why poodles are clipped in show type clips and the clips they sport today are modified from this water retrieving version but its all a human decision now. I have actually had people who own poodles approach me to find out what breed my dogs are!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have they never seen their dog wet before? They don't come out with pom poms, nope they are just furry faced retrievers.

Yes alot of poodle people do not agree with my new freedom poodles. I was even asked once why I would want poodles if I don't want them to look like poodles? My dogs do look like poodles, more than the ones that do have pom poms on them. Except of course when they are sporting Mohawks. But one of the fabulous things about poodles is that you can trim them anyway you like. I've seen poodles that look like Giant Schnauzers, cocker spaniels and horses.

Poodles are not French poodles; that is one thing I cannot stand being asked. "Are they french poodles?" No!!!!!! I'm sorry but poodles are not from France; although it was the French who made clipping your poodle in the very "poodley" clip fashionable. And because my dogs are shaved at one length I cannot ever go into public without someone asking if they are Labradoodles.

So much for my ranting; what really bothers me is the badrap that poodles have. They are in my opinion one of the most versatile dogs there is; so to put them into the "prissy" category because of a haircut humans choose to put on them annoys me. They are not a prissy breed at all, they are amazing athletes, intense retrievers, excel in the swimming department, are the most intelligent breed that there is and the little known fact they are fabulous guard dogs. So like I say about other misunderstood breeds; don't judge until you actually get to know one.

The one good thing about the "poodle" clip is that it keeps the poodle from becoming over popular which is always a good thing.

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