Types of intelligence

All dogs have intelligence, that said there are all types of intelligence. Some dogs are born with built in "how to's" others learn very quickly from example and some take different strategies to learn. My two breeds are both very intelligent, but very, very different in their way of learning.

Just this morning I was shaking my head as my Jack Russell jumped up and down for a full minute. She wanted on the bed; I have just bought an ottoman for this exact purpose so that she can come up without waking me up. Or having me reach down until I just about plummit to the floor as I try to grab her.

So there she was jumping up and down BESIDE THE OTTOMAN; so close that she was actually bumping into it. This is the fourth morning with the ottoman and I declared I'm not telling her. Up until this morning I had pointed out the ottoman for her and she quickly jumped up. Not this morning; I was going to make her figure it out; wasn't happening.

I grew impatient in my groggy state and said "go there." And she promptly jumped up on the ottoman and up onto the bed. Tilley is using it very nicely on her own, so what is the difference? Both breeds are highly intelligent but Jessie needs motivation; food. But not all food, if the food is too good then she can't even think.

The best way for Jessie to learn is through a training session and patience. If she thinks we are doing training she will offer anything to me. And she offers much better if I keep quiet and let her figure it out; which I did not do this morning but I swear I will do tomorrow morning.

Jessie can learn a new behavior in 5 min., I do it all the time. I don't want to use a verbal cue as I want her to come up on her own, hence not waking me up in the process. I'll let you know how it goes.

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