Ah, the canine personality; great aren't they? No matter how many dogs I meet they are all different. Even within a breed there are no two dogs alike. Sure there are dogs that remind you of other dogs. Heck, I was at a store the other day and the lady swore she knew me. She said that my identical twin lived somewhere in the Florida area; so I definitely reminded her of someone. (My fraternal twin lives in Canada; just to set the record straight and we look nothing alike. HE is a blonde 6 footer.)

I love getting to know dogs, often what you see is not what you get. Infact that is more often than not. I know so many dogs that look one way on the outside and are the complete opposite on the inside. Dogs that look like big tough guys who are anything but. Dogs you'd love to wrap your arms around and hug but best not if you want to keep your head attached to your body.

So getting to know a dog is all about what is on the inside; dogs don't care what they look like. They do not have the vanity that we humans have, it has nothing to do with who they are. Some of the coolest dogs I've met have been second hand dogs; one specifically was a street dog from LA. He was one of the most amazing dogs I've ever had the pleasure to meet.

When you meet a dog you first see the "how much they like strangers". Which may throw you at first; maybe they are become over excited or they really aren't interested in meeting you. But sit back and watch; watch the dog interact with it's guardian and you will see the true personality come out.

Sit and watch dogs play at the dog park; you see the real stuff there. Dogs are who they are when interacting with other dogs. I love nothing more than watching dogs be dogs; if I get the priviledge to meet some of them I am truly honored.

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