Its the little things

How cute is the video below? I was actually shooting another one of my other dogs when Luke started with the squeeking; I couldn't resist. Each and everytime I view that video it makes me smile; I smile because he is obviously so happy squeeking that darned toy.

My dogs make me smile alot; the guilty face Jessie gets on when she is considering eating something she knows she's not suppose to eat when I come in the room. Tilley's little tail vibration after she catches anything; her favorite thing in life is to catch and retrieve anything, it is who she is. I love Tilley's soundless bark she gives me when I ask her if she is ready for a throw. The only audible sound is the clashing of her teeth.

My now long gone Clyde use to make me smile as he would follow me from garden to garden in the summer on a weeding day. He would lay quiet by my side at each garden until we moved onto the next. Clyde was always so happy to see me come outside with him that he would walk around ever so proud with my hand in his mouth for all to see.

And Luke; he is such a character that he makes me smile constantly. He is a nervous dog; my nervous ninny and his little jitters make me smile. The way he stares at the kitchen door if it blows open by itself. I smile when Tilley puts him in his place as he dons his humiliated face. I even smile when he growls and barks at fake intruders because he is grumpy about being brushed.

I could honestly write a book; hmmmmmmmmm. There are so many moments in a day when a dog makes me smile. And it's not always my dogs; I am so lucky to be a trainer and photographer of dogs that I spend hours a day with lots of dogs; which means lots of smiles.

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