living with dogs and dirt

First; it's going to be freaking hot again today. I just wanted to whine a bit about it. Okay, I want to discuss dogs and dirt. In my humble opinion dogs and dirt help to keep you healthy. I think the people who have an ultra (I mean germ free) clean house, no animals and put an increased importance on "anti bacteria" are actually much less healthy.

There is good dirt and bad dirt; I'm talking about good dirt. The regular everyday stuff, actual dirt and grime. Not the gross disgusting kind of dirt from years of not being cleaned; okay we have the dirt straightened away. I watched a show years ago and read an article written by an amazing man. Since then I have been unable to find it on the net but I'm still looking.

In his article he stated how living with animals in ones house is a healthy thing to do. This is how I have always thought; I think having regular everyday germs around helps to keep your immunity strong. My family has always been very healthy; sure we got the regular stuff when our kids were young, stomach flu, runny noses etc. But in general we are a healthy bunch.

Imagine when you use anti bacterial products all the time. Our bodies become use to a germ free environment; basically the germ fighters go on an extended vacation. Now what happens when a germ sneaks up on you and all the germ fighters are away? That's right, you get really sick.

Add a dog or two; all of a sudden you have some nice germs in your house. And again I don't mean the gross germs like from cesspool drinking bowl at a dog park. Good dirt germs that your dog brings in the house regularly. Your germ fighters are happily at work keeping everything running nice a smooth. So when you are subjected to a bad germ; your fighters are there ready for action.

The same goes for our dogs; let them get out and get dirty. Take them for a good run in the woods, canyon or desert. Take them to the beach and let them fill your car with sand; it's all good clean dirt and it's good for you and your dog.


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