Thanksgiving weekend

This weekend is Canadian Thanksgiving. Being Canadians we like to celebrate; as the cook for thanksgiving dinner I prefer a turkey dinner now in October and one again in December for Christmas. So we had our turkey dinner lastnight and so did the dogs. To watch Luke hover the table and keep a close eye on me during the meal preparation you would think he'd be dying for his meal.

Well; as usual he walked away from a handful portion in the bottom of his bowl. This is his typical behavior and if and when he ever eats it all of his meal it is a miracle. And his leaving food has nothing to do with the amount of food in his bowl. I've cut way back on his portions because I was throwing good food away daily. He is so darn picky; eating is not his thing really.

This morning I was in bed eating turkey leftovers, yum. As I came to the end I gave Jessie a piece of turkey, tossed Tilley a piece and offered Luke some. Nope; he wasn't having anything to do with turkey at this hour in the morning. I left it in front of him and he ignored it, wouldn't even give it a sniff. He curled his legs back underneath him and commenced his snoozing.

What kind of dog doesn't eat a piece of turkey? Well, this kind. Weird, just plain weird I say. In fact if I leave the piece of turkey that Luke does not want to eat in front of him, it will annoy him so much that he get's up and moves away from it. What did I tell you? weird.

All three dogs are getting ready for their canyon run; it's beautifully cool out. Yesterday was windy and cool; I'm loving it if only for a few meager days; I'll take what I can get. I will head down to the kitchen to prepare the dogs meal for their return. I'll do my best to prepare something for his majesty's taste; geesh.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

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