Buying beds

Luke has been sleeping in our bed alot lately; infact every single night. I don't mind; we bought a kingsized bed for this specific reason. He usually takes up a nice middle spot so as not to bother myself or my husband. But often he is one sided; meaning that someone has a body to sleep around.

This everynight thing is different; he use to sleep in his bed on and off so I started thinking that perhaps he doesn't like the new bed I got him. Tilley likes it but she isn't near the fussy pants that he is; infact she isn't fussy about anything. The new bed is firm to walk on, not hard but the material is thick and firm making it not so squishy and comfy.

So yesterday I thought I'd switch it out for one my husband recently purchased to see if that helped. When I got up this morning there he was still curled up tight in his bed. It was the comfort level all the time. As we ate our breakfast; Luke jumped up to assume his perch position. This is how it usually is, the dogs join us in the morning. I bought a special ottoman so that Jessie can get up in the morning as well.

The other bed, the firm one will be put in the family room for now. If it gets used down there; great. If not; it will be designated an outside bed. When the choice is concrete or a firm bed, the bed gets used.

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