Creature comforts

Does comfort every get old? Nope. Plain and simple; who does not like to be comfortable? I love nothing more than climbing (and I literally mean climb) into my bed; with flannel sheets that are prewarmed by a dog. Hate to get into a cold bed at night? Ask your dog to lay there while you get ready for bed; works wonderfully and they don't mind a bit. Once it's warm just ask them to scootch over a bit.

It's early and I've just had my coffee. I can see out my window that the sun is just starting to come up, looks like it will be a beautiful sunrise. Jessie is completely under the covers; I'm not sure how she breaths under there but she loves heading right down to the bottom of the bed. Luke is curled up a few feet away; of course on top of the down comforter and Tilley is still in her bed right beside us.

I have to admit it makes me very happy to see dogs that are comfortable. Especially when it is an older dog but any dog will bring a smile to my face in the lap of coziness. It bothers me when I see dogs laying on concrete and I always want to grab a bed to throw under them.

When you're a kid you can sleep just about anywhere. I remember many a sleep over both my own and my kids sleep overs where there are kids sleeping everywhere; all over the floor. Try that when you are middle aged; doesn't feel so good. I'd be the first to shotgun the couch; somehow as you get older the floor becomes much harder.

Dogs naturally gravitate to comfort; I've never had a dog that didn't lie on clothing that were dropped on the floor. And even when they are on my bed; they much prefer to nab any clothing item to snuggle up with. Not only do they like comfort; they really like the smells of home and you.

I can hear Jessie snoring under her pile of blankets down at the bottom of the bed; I guess she breaths just fine down there. Luke is curled up tightly in his corner of the bed and Tilley is just now eyeing my husbands warm spot on the bed that he has vacated.

There's no place like home.

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