Missing the snow and smarties


First, the above link is very close to my home in Canada. Its about a 15 min. drive and the closest webcam I could find. I would love to introduce Luke to the snow.

Speaking of Luke he really showed his stuff lastnight. Many people who meet Luke think that he is, let's just say not the sharpest. But after having so many dogs over the years I can honestly state that he is the smartest. Not that they all haven't been smart; both Tilley and Jessie are amazingly intelligent. But Luke just has that extra "human like" quality.

Dogs are all different and they all learn different and excel at different things. Jessie is the easiest to train a new behavior to because she is so food motivated. Tilley is calm and understands very quickly and Luke get's overly excited easily and confuses things but in his everyday life type smarts he shines.

We got a new toy as a gift; one toy. So I couldn't decide who to give the toy to, it is not easy to make that type of decision. So after days of telling Luke that he could not have the toy that I had left in the box on the floor in the kitchen; I made my decision. I took the toy and put it into their toy box; this way letting whoever wanted, could take it. This got me off the guilt hook by giving it to one dog.

I had put the toy in the basket on Friday afternoon; and lastnight while we were eating dinner Luke came ito the kitchen with a funny look on his face. I watched him and he was looking in the direction of the livingroom. He left again and came back looking at us and then something to the left of the doorway. He left again and came back obviously needing us to follow him. Very much like Lassie; he was doing his best at telling us something.

Knowing that he needed something I asked my husband to see what he wanted. Luke ran downstairs and stared intently at the new toy that was donning his basket. He had been told for days that he couldn't have it. Now that it was in his toy basket he thought that he could have it but had to make sure. He was asking permission to have it. Amazing.

As soon as he got the "okay" he grab the toy and ran up to the livingroom with it. While we ate we could hear the very happy squeaking. He then came into the kitchen where he devoured it within minutes.

If you pay really close attention your dog will amaze you; mine do.


  1. Two way communication is just the BEST. I love dogs- they are just the greatest. This is a nice story.

  2. Thanks Cadie; he is a special guy.


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