Okay, this is probably what I looked like today when I was walking my poodles at a park I regularly frequent. We were there long enough to make one lap of the park before someone else came with their dogs. I always keep an eye on other dogs so Luke doesn't yank my arm off when I'm not paying attention.

This guy who was there with his two labs started making his way around the park when he stopped at the tables in the middle. I wasn't really watching what he was doing; just kept an eye on his where abouts. Then I saw him walk away; without his dogs???????????????????????? They were tied to the picnic table in the center of the park.

I literally must have had my head turned as I tried to figure out what he was doing. Then I realized he was on the phone. I was afraid he had tied his dogs and was leaving so I watched with question marks flying. He went for his walk; talked on the phone, without his dogs. Who does that?

I was there for quite a while today and this guy made several rounds of the park. A couple of times when he was on the otherside of the park his dogs starting going crazy barking. He didn't hear or didn't care as he was involved in a very serious conversation on his phone. Talking to myself at this point "no way; are you kidding?"

So the guy had done his duty; brought his dogs to the park LITERALLY. Whoa!

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