Looking forward to Saturday

What a crazy week; you know those weeks where you feel like your head might just explode? Well; my week was like that.

I had a beach shoot lastnight with an amazingly gorgeous dog; simply stunning images. There were quite a few dogs on the beach having fun. This was another new place for me and one that I will bring my own dogs back to.

When I got home I got my normal big greeting with a hint of "where were you?" My dogs are very use to me smelling like other dogs and take in stride. Tilley was missing from the pack when I got home so I put all my stuff down and started looking. Her color lends to a camouflage effect often so I really have to look. Not in the familyroom, not in my room, the kids rooms are empty................hmmmmm.

I was standing at the top of the stairs thinking where to look next when she appeared at the bottom of the stairs. She had clearly been sleeping in the livingroom on the couch. Her face and her ears told me so. She has taken to sleeping on the sofas even though she knows they are not suppose to sleep on the sofas. And I know when I came in that she had a mental battle with herself. Stay in her amazingly comfortable spot or get up and greet Mom? She chose the couch for a bit and then I won.

It was tough waking up this morning; even with a nice hot cup of coffee waiting right beside me. I can't wait for tomorrow. I'm an early riser and sleeping in for me usually only means 7am but that 1 1/2 -2 extra hours seems like heaven. I was once at a conference when the speaker said "imagine sleeping until you're done?" That phrase has stuck with me over the years; it's a good one. It is much easier to wake up when you are done sleeping rather than be awaken before you're done.

The dogs are all curled up on my bed and I am contemplating clipping Luke. Tilley had her grooming lastweek and I was suppose to do Luke today. But; I adore his blonde, luxurious coat. He was bathed and dried a couple days ago making him a huggable magnet. Everyone is constantly touching or hugging him. Even Jessie loves when his coat is like this and I will find her curled up beside him with her head resting on a giant pillow of loose blonde curls.

The girls had their apple in bed; its not a huge favorite but they like it alright. Luke on the other hand will have to move if I put a piece beside him; he doesn't do apple. But, once I get the Liver Biscotti out everyone's ears are up. It is the one thing that Luke has NEVER turned down, that's huge. I have to admit it's a great product.

I am pondering my day; perhaps the beach with the dogs this morning. Well, whatever...............I can't wait for tomorrow. Have a great weekend.

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