Obama dog

Okay this is the one and only time I will discuss this. Typically I don't care about these things but when it has to do with "image" that's when I get my back up. I honestly do not care what type of dog the Obama's acquire, only that they either get a rescue or go to a "good breeder" and my list of what makes a good breeder is a long and stringent one.

Anyhoo, the idea that they would not want a poodle because..........well it's a poodle irks me to no end. Although I have to say that I am happy that the poodle got scratched from the list because becoming popular in the dog world does no favors to the breed. Once a breed becomes popular; all the money sucking heartless humans come out of the woodwork to grab their piece of the pie.

So who are the Obama's consulting with I wonder? Who told them that the Labradoodle is non shedding? Because whoever did is lying. I have had several clients who found this out the hard way. Nothing is sadder than falling in love with a puppy only to find out that they make you sick. And yes some of the labradoodle breeders promote this breed as "hypoallergenic" but there are a few who don't.

I have only met a couple of really good labradoodle breeders over the years. I don't have a problem with mix breeding as long as the breeders are doing all the health and temperament testing and pass my stringent rules for being a good breeder. It is the ones who do it for the money that is the problem and they are the problem for whatever breed you are speaking of.

And what many labradoodle breeders are doing now which leaves me standing wondering about we humans; is breeding a labradoodle back to poodles again. This giving you a 3/4 poodle................hmmmmmmmmmmmm. I understand the genetic issue of this but unless you have a wonderful lab specimen with a clear pedigree then why ruin a good thing? I've met people that have even closer relatives; a 7/8th poodle labradoodle. I bet they cost a fortune too but hey now they can say they have a labradoodle and don't have to admit they have a poodle, honestly.

Now as far as the PWDs; I like the breed myself. I have worked with many and researched them extensively as compared to the poodle. But they are not poodles and having talked with many breeders and people who owned them, they are working dogs. Probably too much dog for the Obama family. But if they go to a "good breeder" they can perhaps get one of the more calm pups or dogs.

I do have to say that it is too bad for them that "image" plays a part in the choosing because as many of us know, poodles are more than what they look like. Infact I am stopped regularly and asked if my dogs are labradoodles. They are often clipped like a labradoodle so being that labradoodle are the "in" dogs now people think that's what they are.

I don't know how many times MEN have said to me "I didn't know I liked poodles" once they find out my dogs are indeed standard poodles. Funny how exterior images plays such a huge part in our day to day, eh?

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